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Now Live: Summary Fields & Pivot Tables

Posted by WizeHive on January 12, 2017


Analyzing your data has been made easier than ever with the introduction of summary fields. This new field type can be found on the form builder, and allows you to view summarized data about related child records, within the grid as well as on an individual record.

You can get the count, sum, average, minimum, maximum, or median for any field in a set of child records, including on a set of filtered child data. This field acts like any other column in Zengine - you can sort, filter, group, export, save it in a view, and even summarize it!

Some simple ways you might use summary fields are to show an average review score, or to display a count of contacts related to a company. 

Here’s a more in depth example to illustrate how powerful summary fields can be in your organization:

The Zen Foundation awards funds each year to organizations. When the award is over $1000, they split up payments into multiple fiscal years. The foundation needs to easily understand what the open balance of scheduled payments is at an award level, as well as rolled up to the organization level. Here’s how they can do this with summary fields:

When an award is made, the Zen Foundation enters all payments as scheduled. After it is paid, they change the status to Paid and enter a payment date. All payments are linked to an award.

Summary Field - Payments.png
On the awards form, they added two summary fields: one to summarize the payments where the status is “Paid”, and another to summarize the payments where the status is “Scheduled”.

Summary Field - Award Level.png
Finally, they added three summary fields to the organizations: sum of all awards, average award amount, and sum of all scheduled payments.

summary field - organization level.png


You’ll find that summary fields help your team gain quick insight into the data stored in Zengine. Go ahead and setup your first summary field, then share with us - how will summary fields improve your workflow?


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