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Zengine September Updates

Posted by Drew Diskin on September 12, 2016

The following updates and enhancements were made to the Zengine platform this month.


A little splash of color goes a long way

Five new colors have been added to the blue color pallette for the forms. Now it is much easier to visually group categories automatically. These five new colors enhance the data grid to differentiate between data coming from linked forms. These six colors are randomly generated to save you time and improve your user experience.


In the datagrid screen pictured below, a car rental company tracks rentals by their customer, the car that was rented, and the employee who handled the rental. In this case, both car and employee are linked fields in the rental form. They are highlighted in different colors to indicate that their values in the columns come from the related forms.



That’s a wrap! A cast of more characters

Form names can be made 50% longer --providing more clarity for users. Now users can make form names up to 24 characters, making identifying information much clearer. In addition, this enhancement brings text wrapping to 2 lines, allowing you to view longer columns names.

The colorizing and naming enhancements make managing your data simpler and more effective than ever!


Big increase for adding workspace members

Now, clients on our Premium Plan and can purchase  a 150% increase in workspace members. Up to 50 workspace members can access the platform simultaneously. Feel free to grow your program and delegate to more members! Contact our solutions consultants today for details.


Green is good

Knowing what’s active in an instant can keep you moving swiftly in Zengine. Field rules now have green indicators on the form builder when enabled. These field rules allow you to show or hide a field based on the user's input to other fields. The new indicators help administrators understand when field rules are active; when there are instances a rule is hidden from users it can be recognized quickly. This workspace feature saves administrators’ time and makes Zengine even more effective.



Helping hands get to hover

When you mouse over rows in the form editor, you can grab the field from anywhere you hover. This makes it much faster for you to grab and keep going!