WizeHive Recognized in Entrepreneur

Want to turn your business website into a sales machine?  WizeHive can help you do just that.  Entrepreneur recently recognized our services as one of the key ways to run promotions and lure customers to your website.

In Jonathan Blum’s article on entrepreneur.com, he details five ways in which a business can help its website generate more revenue.  Some of the methods noted include building an effective shopping cart, recommending related products and starting contest or promotion.  According to Blum, WizeHive “comes with the ability to customize a giveaway and to judge multiple entries, say, for a writing or photography contest.”  We couldn’t agree more! The reasons for running a contest or a promotion, detailed by Blum can certainly help any business become more profitable.

We are excited to see WizeHive in entrepreneur.com, one of our favorite daily reads.  Jonathan Blum posts other interesting content on twitter @blumsday.  Check out his website for all of the latest technology news.