Why Company Cloud Storage is Essential

Why do employees want cloud storage?
Simple, it’s easy.

cloudsThere is no way around it, employees don’t want to store their data on one device. Whether they are getting work done at home in the evenings, wanting to use their own device, or traveling with a lighter laptop, employees want to be able to access their data anywhere. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want your employees using Company Cloud Storage, not their personal cloud accounts, for work.

If employees go with personal cloud storage, your company is no longer in control of its documents. Here are three scenarios of what could happen when an employee leaves, is ill or gets fired:

1. They could do some serious damage by accident. Think about it, an employee leaves a job and wants to delete everything associated with their time there. In an instant, they have deleted every record of working somewhere. What if there are no other copies of what they deleted? Company logos, reports, documents are gone. Although the intent was not malicious, the effects are just as devastating.

2. They could inconvenience the team/the new person. Your star employee is working on a big project. Five months and just shy of presenting it to a client, an appendix goes crazy and your star is out of commission for the next week. If the employee is storing all the research and information in their personal cloud storage solution, does this mean you need to start the presentation from scratch?
3. They could do some serious damage on purpose. If an employee uses personal cloud storage and leaves on bad terms, the company is at risk for serious damage. They could withhold information that they have kept outside of the company network. They could even take private information over to the competition.

Photo by: buck82