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Updates to Printing Applications, Date Filtering, and More in WizeHive Select

Posted by WizeHive on January 19, 2015

Our developers have been hard at work on some awesome enhancements to WizeHive Select over the last few weeks. Lets take a look at some of the highlights.


Printing Applications

Unless a field is required, it’s possible that the applicant will leave it blank. This may also be the case when conditional fields are being used, and because of the rules set on the form, certain fields are left blank because they never even appeared for the applicant to fill in.

Our new release gives you an option to hide blank fields if you print out the applications. When setting up the form, you can now check “Hide empty responses on print display, and anything blank will be skipped.



Unique Field ID

In the WizeHive form builder, there is a field that allows you to automatically generate a unique identifier along with the application. Previously this unique ID could only be generated per folder. We’re happy to share that it’s now possible to have this unique ID generated across all workspaces in your account, making it even easier to anonymize the entire application process.


Date Filtering

When managing multiple grants and scholarships it's important to be able to generate reports so you can have an accurate depiction of how your program is going. Our latest release included an update that now allows you to filter on dates in reports.

In addition, the date filters will cross workspaces so you can filter on dates across various programs. For example, you could generate a report that shows all the grants “Chris” applied for between 1/1/2015 - 1/10/2015.


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