New WizeApp: The Private Review Portal

There is now a private portal app available.   It is available right now in your workspace.

To enable the WizeApp, click on the WizeApp gear in the top right corner of your enterprise workspace. Click on “Show” for Private Review Portal, then click save. You should now see it on your main menu (if you use a high number of WizeApps, it might be under “More” on the right side of the menu).

Once you are in there, you will be able to specify the portal name, URL, start and end dates (and times) the message text on the left, whether assignments are on, whether editing is on, and which folders are displayed on which tabs.

If you would like to change the fields or elements that display or have any unique layout elements, please get in touch and we’ll be able to help.

Also New – Setting a Maximum File Size

You can set the maximum file size for uploaded files. With WizeHive, you can upload very large files. However, we understand that you might not want applicants to uploading massive files. Therefore, we’ve enabled a feature so you can limit the maximum file size on an application using the form builder.