New Contest: Who’s the Best on the Block?

Have a desire to create interactive advertisements with ease?  Perhaps the developer in you would like to design a feature that others can use in their advertisements.  MediaMind is running a “Block” Contest that allows you to show off your creativity and show that you’re the best on the block.

What is a block?  MediaMind Blocks are your shortcut to building great online ads.  Blocks are usable code and Flash assets that allow you to add cutting-edge features and into your advertisements, such as mouse tracking, QR code generation and the printing of coupons.   MediaMind blocks can help give your next campaign a high-energy creativity boost it needs to draw customers to your business.

Digital creative agencies interested in partaking in this contest can begin to submit their entries now.  MediaMind will be able to review submissions through WizeHive’s online contest software and post qualified entries for voting.  In order to qualify, you need to create a 30 second videoclip about an experience with a MediaMind Block or about a concept for a future MediaMind Block. Voting for the contest will open on May 14th.

The winner of the contest will be granted with a five day trip to the Cannes Lions Festival.

If that isn’t incentive to enter, we don’t know what is! Good luck.