How do I get people to enter my online contest?

Panic moment: Your contest went live yesterday and you don’t have any entries yet. What do you do?

First, don’t feel like it’s too late. While it is more relaxing to have a marketing campaign ready to go before you launch, you can get results within a few hours.

Take a few minutes thinking about where your target audience spends time online. For example, are you trying to attract sports enthusiasts? Are there websites that list up-to-date scores or give daily tips on how to improve skills? Come up with a list of five to ten websites to contact about advertising. If you’re lucky, a few might have room for immediate ad placements. If not, inquire about the possibility of sponsoring a blog post. This is usually more expensive, but for good reason, a blog post influences readers more than an ad on the same site.

Don’t forget about social networks. Facebook will approve creative for ads within 24 hours. Spend some time making sure your ads are laser focused. Facebook will tell you the potential reach of your ad as you are refining it. You narrow each audience down by location, interests, education, or age. If you want to advertise to people interested in a specific sport, you can do that. These targeted ads are quick to deploy and effective.

We like to think that WizeHive gives you the tools to make building and managing your contest easy, so you can focus on what you do best, inspiring people to love your product, brand or organization. We hope these last minute marketing tips help you out!

Photo by: Shoes on Wires