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Visit WizeHive at NSPA in Kansas City

WizeHive is pleased to be joining many of our customers and friends at the National Scholarship...

Posted by WizeHive on October 09, 2016

Join our Implementation Team

If you're looking for an opportunity worth jumping out of bed for every day, let's talk.


Posted by WizeHive on July 14, 2015

Viewing Files in Zengine

This post originally appeared on the Zengine Blog.


Posted by WizeHive on June 23, 2015

Advanced Cart Application Form Updates

Capping the number of submissions

In WizeHive, our standard application process allows for one...

Posted by WizeHive on June 19, 2015

Assignments Grid Updates

The assignments grid is where program administrators can identify which judges and reviewers are...

Posted by WizeHive on June 18, 2015