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3 ways to streamline communication with applicants and grantees

Posted by Natalie on February 22, 2017

If you are inundated with emails, paper correspondence, and phone calls with your applicants and grantees, you are not alone.

Here are three steps you can take to streamline communication with your applicants and grantees:


1. Share status proactively

Proactive feedback is key to pre-empting questions from your applicants regarding the status of their applications. Automatically email applicants when you receive information from them, or when they reach a certain stage in the process. Include details regarding when they can expect to hear back from you.

You can also provide a submission portal to share personalized feedback and status.


2. Encourage public Q&A

Encourage applicants to post questions about the application process to a forum, instead of emailing directly. This can be a private forum just for applicants hosted on your website, or just a simple discussion board on social media, such as a Facebook group. If one person has a question, you can be sure that others will have the same one too. Public Q&A saves administrative time answering like questions, and keeps a level playing field across applicants.

3. Gather supplemental documents and reports online

Although many grantmaking organizations have switched to online application processes, more efficiency can be obtained by using technology to replace supplemental and post-award data gathering.

For example, replace paper-based award acknowledgements with electronic signatures that are automatically stored with the application and award data.

Progress reports for outcomes measurement can also be gathered online. Administrators should not need waste time hunting down this information from grantees. Providing an easy-to-use portal for grantees to submit required information streamlines the process for submission and subsequent analytics.

Tell us, what tips do you have for streamlining communication with your applicants and grantees?