$250,000 Wave Goodbye WizeHive Giveaway

We were never completely sure what Google Wave was going to be when it grew up,  but we know that people were excited to use it to collaborate with each other.   Although we do not offer the keystroke by keystroke functionality of Google Wave, WizeHive does have dozens of compelling features that allow groups to effectively work together.   We have a powerful task manager, shared notes and activities, file sharing with version control, tight email integration, and many other features.

To cushion the blow of losing Google Wave, WizeHive will give away more than $250,000 worth of WizeHive software!   Right now!    Simply sign up for a free WizeHive account at http://www.wizehive.com (just fill in the new workspace button and get started) and be one of the first 500 people to send an email to WaveGoodbye@wizehive.com and we’ll turn your 30 day free trial into a WizeHive standard account for one year absolutely free!  (That’s a $588 value!).     Just make sure your email is the one you use when you create your account so we know who you are!

(Offer is good for new accounts only.  If you already have an account please contact us).