Exciting New Updates to WizeHive Select

Our developers have been hard at work coming up with some great enhancements to WizeHive Select the last few months.  Lets take a look at some of the more important enhancements we’ve made.

Workflow Actions and Triggers

In Select, workflow actions can be defined to automatically create a task, send an email, move a record, copy a record, or update a field, once some criteria in an applicant’s form is met.

For example, let’s imagine you run a scholarship program that serves students who live in the state of Pennsylvania exclusively. From time to time, you receive applications from students outside of the state and they are not eligible. To eliminate the need to email each of these ineligible applicants individually, you create a “Send an Email” action that automatically runs when an out of state student applies.

We added the ability to update a data field with an action too.  So, you can have the system automatically change the value of a field to “ineligible” if you like.   With our November release you can now update multiple fields at the same time with just one workflow action.

Printing Applications & Supplements

Our latest release also added two updates that add functionality for printing applications from our reviewer portal.

Often, reviewers want to print applications so they can view them offline.  While we allowed administrators to print multiple applications from within WizeHive in bulk, reviewers who wanted to print more than one would have to print them one at a time. We’re happy to share that reviewers can now print in bulk by tab from the reviewer portal, similar to the way you bulk print from the Actions tab.

In addition, reviewers are now able to indicate whether they want to print the application, the attachments, or both.

File Upload Information

The WizeHive Activity Stream acts as an internal log of all actions that take place within the system. This includes a log of all activities concerning members, emails, notes, folders, pages, files, reviews, and tasks.  To help track down information about file uploads, we’ve enhanced information in the activity stream to now show who uploaded a specific file alongside the file information and timestamp.

Assign Privileges Dynamically

If you are trying to limit what people can see within WizeHive Select you can use our privileges feature.  In the past, individual records/applications could be secured, but only on a one by one basis.  With our latest release you can now automatically have privileges assigned based on the folder the information is stored in.

Volunteering at the Elmwood Park Zoo

As part of our community give-back we try to organize volunteering activities for our team. During the spring we helped pull together donations for homeless children with Cradles to Crayons. Last month, a number of us volunteered at Elmwood Park Zoo!

So zoo employees could focus on other tasks, including preparations for their Halloween festivities, the WizeHive team was happy to lend a hand! After spending most of the morning raking leaves around the zoo’s grounds, we had a chance to feed some bison. We even met Noah the Eagle who can be seen on Sundays at Lincoln Financial Field during Eagles games.

WizeHive Volunteers at the Elmwood Park Zoo