WizeHive Select Updates to Form and Rule Builders

Form Builder Updates

With the latest update to WizeHive Select, we’re happy to announce a new update to our form builder. You can now add an auto-generated unique identifier field to your forms. This is a particularly helpful enhancement that allows a unique ID to be attached to each draft, making it easy to anonymize entries prior to review. Another update to our form builder provides the ability to hide fields only from applicants in a form. Now you can add fields to an application form that an applicant would not see, but that you might want administrators to see and fill in.

Conditional Field Rules

As we noted in our second June release, you can now easily add conditions to your forms using the new WizeHive Rule Builder. A recent extension to this feature now gives you the ability to show or hide multiple fields in one field rule. Using the Rule Builder, you can define rules that allow the status of multiple fields to hinge on the result of another field. Let’s take a look at an example. As a part of your grant application, candidates are asked to note which type of project they are working on with multiple options listed in a dropdown menu. The last of these options provides applicants to note some “Other” type of project. As a result of “Other” being chosen, the program administrator has chosen to show two additional fields: 1) A description of the the project and 2) The amount requested for this project.

Condition Field Rule Builder

Sharing dashboard reports

A unique URL is now generated for each dashboard report and sharing options (public or password-protected) can also be defined for each individual report. This means, for example, that the report for Total submissions per folder and Lifetime completed submissions per date are separate – providing a better sharing experience. This URL can then, in turn, be incorporated into an email template or even just be copied and pasted into an individual email.

Dashboard Report Sharing

Webinar: Getting Started with WizeHive, Session III

Next Webinar: July 30, 2:00pm EST

In the third and final session of our Getting Started with WizeHive series, join our co-hosts Nate Buckwalter (WizeHive) and Shelly Joseph (The Community Foundation) in a discussion around how transitioning your application process to an online system like WizeHive can provide you with better, more qualified applicants leading to a more successful program. In our last session the focus will be on the administrative features in our WizeHive Select platform include workflow triggers, email, and reporting.


In the first two sessions of this series we reviewed forms and review portals, respectively. If you missed either session, or just want to review the material that was covered, you can do so in the video recordings below.

The session will run roughly 30 minutes, with an opportunity to ask questions about our system or questions related to your program specifically in a 10 minute question and answer session that will follow.

Please sign up by visiting wizehive.com/webinar-registration.  After registering, you’ll be sent an email with the event details (link and conference dial-in information). Please contact chris@wizehive.com with any questions. We can’t wait to see you there!