New Standard Folders in WizeHive Select

In WizeHive, folders are used to organize and group together your applications within a workspace. You can organize the folders in any way that makes sense for you, dragging and dropping the folders to present them in the order that works best.

To further streamline the application management and decision making process, we’ve made it easier for new WizeHivers to get started. Now, when creating a new workspace in WizeHive Select, you’ll find two folders already set up and ready to go.

Folders for both “New Submissions” and “Drafts” are now standard, and have been preconfigured for all new workspaces.

These new folders appear in place of the “Uncategorized” folder that existing users are accustomed to seeing in WizeHive workspaces. We’ve found that just about all WizeHive users would set up their system and configure their workflow to include these two steps (or folders) in the process. So, to make implementation easier, these folders are already waiting for new WizeHive users.

WizeHive Select Updates to Recommendations Feature & Follow Up Forms

We wanted to share two new updates to WizeHive Select that you might find useful! Check them out below.

Online Form for Recommendations

This time last year we shared some significant enhancements to our Recommendations Feature, when we told you how you can set up reminder notifications and emails related to the status of recommendations. Then in July, we added the ability to set confirmation emails to trigger upon submission. Today, we’re happy to share another update to the Recommendations Feature in WizeHive Select.

With our latest release, you can now create a form that can be shared with people entering recommendations and they can enter the recommendation information online directly into the form. This makes it much easier for the person entering the recommendation since they no longer have to complete a document separately and upload it.

As before, the recommendation is automatically attached to the application in the backend of WizeHive, avoiding any confusion and guaranteeing a successful submission.

Printing Follow-Up Forms

Often times, applicants like to print or save a physical copy of any application or form they are asked to complete for their own personal records. The same is true for forms that ask applicants to provide additional or supplemental information after they have been given an award (We call these follow-up forms).

Previously, we only provided a way to print the actual application.   With this release the applicant can now also print any follow-up form they have completed.