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AI and Grantmaking: What Tomorrow Could Bring

As we get ready to attend the PEAK Grantmaking Annual Conference next week, the WizeHive team...

Posted by WizeHive on March 14, 2018

Client Success Story: The Edcamp Foundation

The Edcamp Foundation runs, you guessed it, Edcamps -- free, organic, participant-driven...

Posted by WizeHive on March 06, 2018

Is Free Technology Costing Your Nonprofit More Than You Realize?

You think you are being frugal by relying on free, albeit less effective, technologies to manage...

Posted by WizeHive on February 27, 2018

Improving the Regranting Experience

Why those individuals who play the role of both grant seeker and grantmaker have the most helpful...

Posted by WizeHive on February 14, 2018

Are Your Association Programs Hurting Your Member Experience?

Giving is good ... until the process through which you give becomes clunky, complicated, and...

Posted by WizeHive on February 07, 2018