The Rheumatology Research Foundation Pioneers Use of WizeHive Current

After more than a year of development, we’re happy to announce that our newest product, WizeHive Current, is now available to our WizeHive Select customers.  And so far, feedback from our Select customers has been great!

Amy Kane, Director of Core Programs at the Rheumatology Research Foundation, has been an early adopter of WizeHive Current.  Already a WizeHive Select customer, Amy was familiar with WizeHive, so getting started with Current has been quick and easy.

We caught up with Amy to learn more about her organization, her grants management process, and how she is using WizeHive Select in tandem with WizeHive Current to manage her grants, awards, and recipients.

The Rheumatology Research Foundation Grant and Awards Management


“When we started, our processes were all paper-based just like everyone used to be just paper,” began Amy in reference to their application process before moving online. “People would mail us CDs and paper applications, and then we would do all of our reviewing by burning CDs and distribute by mail to all of our reviewers. Reviewers would then fill out their evaluations and email comments back to us.” The final stage of review included face-to-face meetings where reviewers discussed each applicant in depth.  Applicants were given a final review and judges wrote down their scores and submitted them on paper.  Those scores were then collected, typed into a spreadsheet, and tallied up so an applicant decision could be made.

As application inflow  continued to increase (inflow increased  more than 27% last year) there was an obvious need for a new, more automated solution. “We had our IT department here build out an online system.   We used the new system for some of our programs, but it was really difficult to build out,” said Amy of their in-house system. “We were having to go through our IT department to make  changes to the system and build everything out.  It was really tough for us to make system changes in a timely manner.”

“So we used the in-house system for the [programs] that we built it for but still used paper for other programs,” said Amy.  Still needing a new solution, the Rheumatology Research Foundation began their search for an external vendor.

Using WizeHive

“We really wanted the autonomy to do things on our own and so we decided to look at systems that others were already successfully using to manage their application processes.”

“We did a bunch of research, talked to other organizations, read all the reports” and wound up finding WizeHive at the 2013 Grant Managers Network Conference¹ in St. Petersburg, Florida. With WizeHive Select, Amy and her team saw just how easily and quickly they could make changes to their applications. Amy and her team realized that WizeHive Select allowed them on their own to make quick edits to applications and provided the ability to make review assignments for our reviewers, and then to run reports.

As the Rheumatology Research Foundation is finishing their first cycle with WizeHive Select, all feedback thus far has been positive – applicants, staff and reviewers have all been happy with their new online system. Now that a good system has been put in place to manage the collection and review of their applications, Amy turned to another need, enhancing how she could manage and track all current and past awardees in one easy to use online database.

Enter WizeHive Current.

“We have a million spreadsheets… everywhere.”

Rheumatology Research Foundation awardees fall into one of three main buckets: 1) Those who have received money, 2) those who are currently receiving money, and 3) those who will receive money in the near future.   Especially since their awards are paid out over different periods of time, it’s important for Amy to track both current and past grantees.

In year’s past, Amy used multiple spreadsheets to track information regarding grantees. Data captured in WizeHive Select during the intake and awards process would be exported and stored in multiple Excel spreadsheets. This system worked for a while but as the number of awards and respective awardees grew, managing spreadsheets became significantly more challenging and quite difficult to track.

Having already been familiar with WizeHive, Amy approached us about using WizeHive Current to address this problem and thought, “Maybe this is a good way to create a comprehensive database for all of our awardees.”

WizeHive Current is designed so that business users can quickly create and deploy custom cloud-based business systems – without needing programmer or IT help. It is perfect for quickly deploying a system to manage customers, track job applications, manage projects, handle service ticketing, bug tracking or any data application that requires configuration to meet a company’s particular business need.


“The ability to easily import data from WizeHive Select and an existing database into WizeHive Current has really helped us quickly move all of our data into WizeHive Current… we were able to upload all our historical data on the 2000 awards we’ve given to date.  It’s all there in one place which is awesome.” After completing the initial setup, Amy can easily import  new data as it is captured in WizeHive Select. “We’re really excited to be able to quickly report on all of our applicant and awardee data,” she said of her new grant management tool. “I’m loving the ability to drag and drop column headers and create simple pivot tables; this has really been a significant improvement for  quickly sorting and viewing our awards data.”

And since Current can handle file uploads and attachments, Amy can include file attachments (i.e. Word or PDF) and have it associated with the grantee record. “Being able to upload all the necessary files and link them to a record in WizeHive Current is really great and definitely above and beyond anything I can do in Excel.”

So now, instead of tracking down and sorting through dozens of spreadsheets, Amy has a centralized database of all the information she needs right at her fingertips.   This is just the beginning: “We’re really excited about taking advantage of other WizeHive Current capabilities in the future including automating the import of information from WizeHive Select into WizeHive Current.”

About The Rheumatology Research Foundation

Founded in 1985, the Rheumatology Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization and the largest private funding source of rheumatology training and research in the US. Since 1991, the Foundation has funded researchers in the field of rheumatology and rheumatic diseases with more than $107 million dollars, supporting more than 2,200 projects.

“Our mission is to advance research and training to improve the health of people with rheumatic disease,” began Amy, “and the way we do that is by offering a number of awards and grants that are designed to support rheumatology education and training, as well as innovative research ideas.”

This year alone, the Rheumatology Research Foundation has committed more than $13 million to awards and grants (the most in their 29 year  history. And the Foundation is incredibly efficient with money collected through their fundraising efforts, with $.90 cents out of every dollar donated going directly to the awards and grants program.

The Foundation currently has over 20 awards programs, most of which require proposals for research projects, and provide funding from $1,000 to $3 million. Awards help fund part of the grantee’s salary and cover a lot of the research costs involved with their project including supplies and equipment. Awards can be paid out over periods of time ranging from a few months to a few years, so it’s not hard to see how managing recipients and awardees (both current and historical) can be a daunting task.

Amy and her team have enlisted the help of WizeHive Select to manage the application collection, review, and selection processes, and WizeHive Current to manage grant and award recipients once the payout process has begun.

WizeHive at Philly Women in Technology Summit 2014

Our very own Natalie Hirsch will be speaking on a panel this Saturday afternoon at the Philly Women in Technology Summit based on advice from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s newest book, Lean In. This session, entitled Don’t Leave Before You Leave, will focus on the effects of limited thinking and strategies for dealing with the “forks in the road” you encounter along the way. If you’d like to learn more about the Philly Women in Technology Summit or this specific session, please find a full schedule and event details here.

WizeHive at Philly Women in Technology Summit 2014

If you’re planning on visiting this year’s summit, make sure to sit in on what is sure to be a great session and say hello to Natalie! Can’t make it to Philly? Follow the conversation on Twitter at #phlwits14.


Making Connections at Grant Managers Network Annual Conference

Last night, WizeHive was fortunate to attend a unique dinner sponsored by GuideStar and TAG on Coronado Island in San Diego.

The topic? Simplify, a new way to streamline the application process for Grant Seekers.

What was unique about the dinner? WizeHive was joined by all the leading Grant Management Software providers exhibiting at the GMN conference. There aren’t many industries where competing service providers are willing to sit down and talk about how to collectively improve the market, but that’s exactly what happened last night.  We felt honored to be sitting among a group of individuals so clearly committed to coming together to streamline the grant making process.

Why is Simplify important to the Grant Making Community? In the very near future, when a nonprofit applies for a grant using software from one of the aforementioned vendors, the applicant will be able to enter their EIN and have that application pre-populate from data stored in a Common GuideStar database. This integration will save grant seekers a tremendous amount of time and enable them to apply for more grants to help more people!

For more information on how Simplify can help your grantees, visit

WizeHive Select: Update to Scheduling Feature

For many of our customers the application process involves the 1) collection and 2) review of some submission made by a set of applicants.  After the capture of these applications, submissions then go through one or more stages of review.

During the review process there are times when you want to schedule an interview to talk to the applicant.  And, as anyone who has ever scheduled meetings via email knows, scheduling this way is no simple task.  Now imagine that multiplied by dozens of applicants!

Fortunately, WizeHive has a scheduling feature that makes it easy to schedule interviews with multiple applicants.

As mentioned in our October release notes, WizeHive’s scheduling feature helps administrators schedule interviews without the unnecessary exchange of hundreds of emails.  Applicants who have been selected for an interview are sent an email with a link, where they can select a time slot that works for them. They can view potential interview times and select a slot that fits their schedule.  The best part about this feature is that only times slots that are open are shown.

WizeHive Scheduling Feature

In our newest release we have added the ability to customize the message text in the schedule tab.  This makes the process clearer to the applicant, and can be configured to your program and your interview process.

Visit WizeHive at the Grant Managers Network Annual Conference

We’re very excited for next week’s Grant Managers Network Making Connections Conference. Join us March 17-19 for four days of exhibits, networking, and sessions featuring presentations on intelligent data, technology, and other hot topics. Hosted by the GMN, comprised of the leaders in the grant space, the annual conference is always one of the most exciting events of the year.

Going to be in San Diego? We love catching up with our current customers and meeting new folks too, so be sure to stop by our booth and say hello to Andrew and Erica. Each day they’ll even have a different treat to share from San Diego’s best local shops, so make sure you see them!


Making Connections GMN Conference


Batter Up: National Pancake Day at WizeHive

Well, we’re a few days late… but this morning WizeHive celebrated our own version of National Pancake day with flapjacks and other tasty treats for everyone! No breakfast foods were off limits with special requests being whipped up by our in-house chef and lead-gen specialist, Maura . The entire office still smells of pancakes and syrup. Now it’s time to get back to work, but needless to say, pancakes were a great start to this Thursday morning!

Pancakes at WizeHive

WizeHive Select: Updates for Administrators and Applicants

In our latest release, we focused on many updates that enhance user experience for administrators and applicants.

A Better Applicant Experience (Especially for Applications with Many Pages)

To provide a better applicant experience, we have added tabs with clickable links on multi-page applications. Now, in addition to using the “previous” and “next” buttons, applicants have the option of selecting the specific page of the application they would like to visit, and navigate between pages of the form by clicking the tabs.

A Time Saver for Administrators

As we’ve mentioned before, follow up forms let you deploy additional forms that collect supplemental data from applicants or grantees. If you run many different programs, you may want to include the same (or a very similar) follow up form as a part of each program.  You can now copy follow up forms from one workspace to another.

Checks Before Submission

When including an essay component to your application, you’ll find that applicants will often write their contribution in some type of word editor and copy and paste that set of text into the application form. Setting a word limit for these essays encourages your applicants to write a submission that is easily manageable for your review team.

With the latest update to WizeHive, the system now cuts off the words to fit within the allowed word limit and also flashes a red alert to the user to warn them of their lengthy submission.

Dogs On Deployment Runs Military Pet of the Year Contest with WizeHive

Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit providing military families with an online network to connect with volunteers willing to board their pets during service commitments. DoD’s 2014 Military Pet of the Year and Mascot Competition is underway, so we caught up with President and Co-Founder, Alisa Johnson to see how it’s going!

In the second year of their annual contest (but just their first year using WizeHive) Dogs on Deployment was able to increase entries by more than 400%. Voting is currently open, and after only a few days more than 2,000 votes have already been received! See more about this great contest below.

There’s still time to vote, so be sure to view the entries and vote for your favorites here - voting ends March 2nd. We’re excited to see who this year’s military pet of the year and mascot  will be!

Like DoD’s idea of running a mascot competition? WizeHive Buzz is the perfect platform for your organization to get started today!

WizeHive Select: Updates to Form Printing & Follow Up Forms

Update to Form Printing

For the last six years, WizeHive’s goal has been helping  organizations make better decisions around their data while simultaneously cutting costs through the reduction of paper use and time spent copying and collating documents.  More than one million users later, we’re still focused on that same goal.

In this release, we stayed focused on that goal by adding a feature that  allows you to select the attachments you want to print when printing applications in bulk.

Updates to our printing feature can be found in the Actions tab or on the application form itself (see below). In this example you would have the option to print all forms and files, or just the “MET Intake Forms” or “CleanEarthProposal.pdf.”


Follow Up Form Custom Messages

Follow up forms let you deploy additional forms that collect supplemental data from applicants or grantees.  In order to provide your applicants with a clear message as to the status of their follow up forms, you can now customize the text that they will see upon saving their form as a draft, and a separate message for applicants who have submitted their form. This customized message should clear up any questions your applicants may have regarding the status of their application, whether it has been received, and what, if any, next steps need to be taken.

Raise Awareness and Funds with Pay Per Vote Contests

It was great to see a WizeHive customer and leading wildlife conservation organization, World Wildlife Fund, featured in an infographic from Blue Host for their success with an online video campaign that saw over one million views just a few weeks after its launch.  We love seeing our customers  mentioned for doing great things and making a difference in the world.

The infographic, “Social Media for Social Good,” shows how some very successful nonprofit organizations have leveraged social media to supplement their campaigns. This can be a very effective method to give your campaign an extra boost, but this made us think… What if your organization doesn’t have a strong social following? What other ways can nonprofits fundraise and increase awareness about their cause at the same time, without breaking the bank?

The answer: pay per vote contests.

Pay per vote contests are where an organization runs a contest, encourages entries from it’s members and then has it’s membership and their friends and family pay to vote.  Like a regular contest a pay per vote contest raises awareness, drives engagement, and grows your database.  But they also offer the benefit of generating contributions and helping fundraising efforts.

While some people associated with your organization may be reluctant to enter a pay per vote contest, knowing that the money goes to charity helps eliminate hesitation. In this regard we tend to think of a pay per vote contest as a modern day “bake sale.”

One example of a great pay per vote contest was run by the DCH Foundation. They used it to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The contest asked participants to submit a decorated bra to help celebrate breast cancer awareness month. Their fifth Bras for a Cause contest saw twenty submissions tabulating over 1,800 total votes. Although the contest is over, you can still check out the entries here.

A pay per vote contest is a great way to raise money for your nonprofit and can give your organization a fund raising and awareness boost! Get started with a WizeHive pay per vote contest today!